Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back In The Day...

 My girlfriend's son is so into shoes that it's almost woman-like.
I used to get the shoes I wanted but never a whole closet full as though I were Emelda Marcos.
We came from a family thought to be relatively affluent but we never had as many shoes as many kids from the hood have have today.

Back in the day...
Everyone wanted a pair of Chucks.
These shoes offered little support and ones feet would be sore and burning after a long day of play.
Then Dr. J, Magic and Bird broke out with this model and all the sportiest brotha's wore these.

 At that time, the Nike Bruin was also popular - causing many pairs of blue stained socks in the process.
While the Nike Cortez was worn by many cheerleaders - it was also a popular 'walking around' shoe for many guys.

 But then I became influenced by all the Tennis Moms I would see in K-Swiss.
These shoes were hell one ones Achilles tendon but they did look oh-so-sporty.
 The Bo Jackson craze upped the ante by causing many to fork out $139 for his signature cross trainer.
 Probably my all-time favorite were the Nike Air Flare/Agassi model
(I'm still waiting for the re-release at this moment.)
The color blocking, comfort, performance and moderate price made this shoe one of the best designed athletic shoes of all time.
These days I just kick it in Nike Shox (NZ or Monster).
Sure, I still like a comfortable sneaker but it blows me away that so many kids have more shoes in their closet at one time than I've had in my lifetime.


CNu said...

That's just cause they don't know nothin bout no Donald Pliner's yet. The Mrs. hooked me up with a pair last Christmas and I'm straight LOVING those jokers.

uglyblackjohn said...

Between rubber soled Pliners and Cole Haans I have many pairs to wear to the club. As I get older my knees are getting worse and I need the rubber bottoms for comfort.

Desertflower said...

Those sneakers and rubber soles are now rncemse 12a must for us oldies but goodies!

CNu said...

As I get older my knees are getting worse and I need the rubber bottoms for comfort.

Not too many years ago, I jogged 3-5 miles a day and my knees were killing me.

I'll be on the tennis court this evening, and friday-sunday morning. 2-3 sets, with windsprints between each side change - actual running like in a race type running, not that jogging isht.

I'll be worn out the rest of the day and my butt will hurt, because it had been years since I ran full out, like in a race, or like running for my life type running, and it was a shock to parts of my system that hadn't been shocked in a loooooong time.

But no pain in the knees, general stamina increasing tremendously, and a general tightening up that I had taken for granted as no longer possible.

The Mrs. is out on the court doing those windsprints too, and just cracking up laughing every time we start because she too had forgotten about the magic of running as hard and fast as possible.

Two weekends of these windsprints, and she's started back up with kickboxing and yoga on weekdays.

jes sayyin....,

uglyblackjohn said...

Dude.. Since I started owning clubs instead of just consulting for them it seems that I'm ALWAYS working. In the past year I've gained 25 pounds and lost lots of sleep. I have a nice workout room at my house but it seems like all I have time to do is look at it these days. The late night (early morning) dinners could also be a problem.

DD said...

You guys are getting all paleo,workout crazy, and it *may* be the one are at have a modest head start on.

Have you looked into zero drop shoes, with minimal support?

I rock these daily:

And my wife rocks these:

Healthy, and getting hipper by the day. Just saying....