Thursday, October 4, 2012

She Ratchet

We have a lot of different people coming to my club - some of them have fairly low standards.

The thing that gets me about a lot of the hookers is that they think that if they throw tanussy at a brotha' that he is obligated to try to catch it.
I look at a lot of the facebook photos posted by many of my customers and two things stick out more than anything else.
If a ho is tryna' invite me into her 'house' - why can't she first clean up her house house?
If her home is that dirty and messy - I'd hate to even imagine how dirty and unkempt her 'house' is.

The other thing that amazes me is the use of ones children in these photos.
Ninja Pa-leeease. You know you just cashed your check and now you're tryna' make it sprinkle with your rent money?

My people. my people - how have we squandered the opportunities given to us through the suffering of prior generation?

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