Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"I AM a 'Pretty Boy' "...

....A kid I tutor said to me.
I was shocked to hear this coming from a the mouth of a supposedly straight male - and this was even more confusing because the kid is Black.
I remember when being called a 'Pretty Boy" was cause for a fight.
Being a called a 'Pretty Boy' was the same as being called a Mamma's Boy, Punk, Fag or Sissy.

But this generation is different.
Many from this generation have been raised by over protective grandmothers and aunts while their mothers stayed out all night at the clubs while their fathers (whoever they are) are locked up.
Many from this generation act the same way and have the same concerns which would have been associated with those of little girls a generation ago.
Many from this generation see the slight Lil' Wayne as their idol and materialistic mentor instead of someone like Chuck D as their role model and cultural mentor.
Many from this generation had to be taught to stand up to pee because  they modeled themselves after the women who raised them.
Many from this generation are more concerned with Sportin' Waves, Skinny Jeans, Jewelry, Fashion and appearance more than they are with ability and performance.

I'm not hatin'.
Most of my life I've gotten by on looks alone.
I'm not really ugly - I just happen to be barely good-looking enough so that looks were never one of my concerns.
When the kid's mother asked, "What's wrong with wanting to look good?" - "Nothing", I said, "But you need to teach these kids to be more concerned with being good."


John Kurman said...

Nothing wrong with looking sharp, but there is a difference between looking sharp and acting pretty.

I've always operated under the condition that looking sharp is a kind of reward to yourself for being sharp.

DF said...

UBJ I know you got that Chachi and Jonie thing going on in TX. LOL! They are a different breed for sure so concerned about what they look like to the point of YES I think of them like little girls. They are trying to COORDINATE at a earlier and earlier age.

There's a big difference between being pretty and having your look right. That's why you get offended because you know what it implies as you can be clean but cats are saying you might be gay. So they don't mind looking suspect anyway.

It's funny that people thought my generation was materialistic but believe me these young cats take the cake, the bakery and the icing on top with 1000 candles.

uglyblackjohn said...

When boys start plucking their eyebrows the ish done gone too far...

Desertflower said...

C'mon UB:0 So if you have a unibrow you can't fix it? Or use cream for dry hands and stuff?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

sweetie pie:)

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Desertflower - Maintenance is one thing but full-on arched eyebrows is another.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Ms Rigmaiden - Ouch!!!