Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is The Platform the New Norm?

In a ploy to get more women to look at my club's facebook page, I still feature the shoes worn by the women to the club.
I like wedges/platforms - they make me think of hookers and strippers.
Most nights, "John, I wore my new shoes!!!", women say.
(I should get a side job selling women's shoes, that way I could get paid for selling the shoes women pay to get into the club to be photographed in.)
But the thing that amazes me is that most of the women in the most photographed shoes are renting apartments or living with their mothers.
Most work jobs they hate.
Most are only at the club because they wish to trade-up on their current boyfriends and/or husbands.
Most are just renting a lifestyle that they imagine those with true assets and resources living.


Val said...

It's not just the women, UBJ. There are tons of men driving a Lexus and living with mama, wearing $1500 suits with a credit score below 400.

I think living above one's means is more an American thing than a gender thing.

Tom said...

Yeah, our big giant houses blew up the world economy. People have 1.6 children and they need 5 bedrooms.

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