Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 No not that guy....
 Many people have heard of Tennis Elbow but few have experienced the condition in which one aggravates the ligaments and joints of ones knee(s) caused while one is serving drinks..
Bar Knee occurs most often in sporting events when ones ligaments are stretched beyond their usual stopping points.
For bartenders it occurs most often while one is just working behind the speed rail.
The speed rail protrudes well beyond the natural tilt of ones body beyond the bar top.
While one is placing a drink on the bar top, one often locks his knees as he reaches to place the drink(s) in front of the guest.
If one is in a hurry, his feet may get caught in the bar mats while the knee is hyper extended and a strain or tear may occur.

Since it's warm (but not yet hot), I've been playing a lot of tennis, basketball and running.
These activities can be bad for ones knees if proper conditioning and equipment are not used.
My knee has been bothering me for about two weeks now after I attempted to play a game of tennis in brand new shoes.
Sure, the gleaming white shoes looked dazzling - but they were too new to allow for a sliding backhand during a recent match.

My club recently held a benefit for a patron going through Cancer treatments.
I'm out of bartender shape - I've grown more accustomed to managing and mingling.
But since this was a benefit I decided to work the event myself instead of asking an employee to work for free.
What a mistake that was.
I know that most bars are designed with too large an ice well and too deep of a speed rail.
I know that these conditions are not the best for ones joints and knees.
I know to wear shoes which will not get stuck in the bar mats.
It's been years since I've suffered from this injury and I'm limited in my ability to move around until the injury heals.
Bar Knee? Who woulda' thought I'd be injured while working behind a bar?


CNu said...

jes gettin old....,

Desertflower said...

Haha CNu! Yep jes getting along in years UB! ;P

Val said...

Bar knee? Wow, I've never heard of that before. Get yourself some rehab so it doesn't become chronic, UBJ.