Monday, May 28, 2012

Sell It Back To Them

 Why bother to encourage people to modify ones diet and exercise when it's just easier to tell everyone that they are alright just the way they are.
 That anyone who is what they really want to be is flawed and that their own inferiority is actually the superior way to be.
 Why not just behave like spoiled nine-year-old aspirational hoodrats and get paid for it.
 They can even go by the self-aggrandizing title of "Queen" or "Diva" to reinforce their delusions.
 Why bother to work in the hood to get people out of the hood?
 The hood can just be repackaged and branded and sold back to those who imagine that being 'hood' (Keeping It Real) is a positive thing. That owning knock-offs of luxury brands is just as good as actually being able to afford and maintain those real brands. That renting a lifestyle is just as good as owning that lifestyle. Anyone who came from the hood knows that the best thing he can do for the hood is for him to escape from the hood.
 This isn't just limited to those who preach 'race as reason'.
 Bill-E-Bobs across the country have branded and sold their way of life as being the most desirable and have made millions by doing so.
 Today, most kids are over-coddled sissies who expect rewards without doing the work.
Today, many think that they deserve a trophy (Or 'pay' as adults) just for showing up?
Whatever happened to being great?
What ever happened to hard work, discipline, sacrifice and focus?
Today it seems that everyone wants to be great without having done anything to become so.


Val said...

"Today it seems that everyone wants to be great without having done anything to become so."

We live in a reality show world where anyone who is willing to 'act a fool' can be rich and famous.

Desertflower said...

It's good to be able to actually see how some human beings can be manipulated into being/acting the fool and behaving in these manners.

So that they can be pointed out as the example of what and how not to be.

Desertflower said...

As an old professor of mine used to say about these types: Burros with packs of money! :)

DF said...

Bruh it died when they took away corporal punishment out of the classrooms. Right now we got a lot of team players with no leaders. No one is getting up saying I can do this by myself. Their independence has been shamed, educated and cuddled out of them. Instead of overcoming the bullies they are taught to snitch.

They don't want to be great they want to be part of something great! There's a big difference!