Monday, April 4, 2011

'Uncle Tom'

If Martin had lived:
Many whites would not have seen the severity of racial strife in America.
Jessie Jackson would have remained a 'hype-man' and never would have risen to prominence.
We would have Googled his past and his views would be disregarded.
He would now be a well paid member of the establishment and regarded as an 'Uncle Tom' by those without.


CNu said...

That's an interesting hypothesis, but one not well supported by the historical record.

THAT Martin's last 5 years of teaching have been all but erased from the popular historical record.

THAT Martin's fully evolved mission was deemed so dangerous to the establishment that he had to be killed - and - his narrative suppressed and erased.

suggests to me that he would not have been co-opted by the establishment, would not now or ever be considered to be an uncle tom, and that by the time of his death, his mission and his message was deemed a threat to the Deep State.

uglyblackjohn said...

But the Deep State always seems to win.
I don't think Obama planned on being a pupet, only that he decided to live instead of fighting for (or dying for) what he thought was right.

DF said...

Well if he would've never went to a trash strike in Detroit he probably would've been alive to be appreciated. His flaw is not in not fighting at all his flaw is not knowing when to stop.

Reggie said...


Still it would have been nice to see how he would have turned out. It wouldn't have hurt my feelings for Jesse to have never come to prominence.