Thursday, April 7, 2011

Does Size Matter To Women?

 The smaller the penis...
The higher the I.Q.?

I lifted the first map from .
As the comments thread went from admitting less length to saying that Koreans were the smallest - most comments then shifted to noting that Asians may be smaller but at least they're smarter.
If having a 'schlort' instead of a schlong causes one to increase his IQ to improve his chances of finding a mate - what are the other factors in human evolution?

 Since our primary objective seems to be that of reproduction, there are many factors one uses when choosing a mate.
While 'looks' are subjective, these areas are said to have the largest concentration of attractive people.
 By increasing the number of opportunities one has to meet a partner, he/she may increase his/her chances by 'friending' more people.
Maybe having a longer life expectancy would allow one to slow down and to choose more carefully.
Maybe a shorter lifespan causes one to breed like a May Fly to increase his chances of producing viable offspring.
 An easy way to judge a country's perception of being 'civilized' is by looking at what it consumes (which in turn can influence what it produces).
It seems to me that the countries with smaller average penes are also the most 'civilized'.
And the effects of such civilization (such as Cancer rates) also seem to jump over many parts of Africa.

All this to say, 'Civilization' (and it's harmful effects) is largely an effect of Penis Envy.


Reggie said...

I certainly hope that size does matter; if not, my life has no meaning.

I've been getting by on my good old Alabama black snake for awhile now.

amanda said...

Given that the majority penis (don't know the plural) worldwide are covered and hidden from view how is penis envy possilbe?

I do like the way you have linked all these world maps of statistics together. It would seem that in terms of reproduction a smaller member is more effective given that India and China have the biggest populations.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Amanda - Of course I'm not being serious.
But I think the fewer options a guy has in potential mates (based on anything from penis size to looks, to earning potential, to whatever...), the more likely he is create new standards of what it is to be thought of as being desirable.