Monday, December 6, 2010


 Maybe it is a good idea after all.
No, not in the physical sense but maybe in the social sense or even with the intentional death of ones ego. 
Socially, it is only possible when one frees himself from the codifying nature of group-think - when one sees that the emperor indeed has no clothes. 

But the sin of suicide could be more of a warning than an order.
If one thinks differently than the rest of his group he will become the pariah - he will be shunned, slandered and abused.
If one sees the truth and tells it when everyone else believes the lie, that man will be treated in much the same way as WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.
Choose not to fall in line with the rest of the world - lose your ability to earn an income because PayPal drops you as a client.
Choose not to give in to the pressure from the kings and queens being outed - wait for the warrant to be issued for your arrest.
Tell the truth when those in power use such lies to retain their power - have your ability to communicate such truth eliminated.

Why not do what everyone else is doing just so you can all get along? 
 But the world does not want to change.
Even when one is head and shoulders above the rest in thinking or doing - that man will become the enemy.
Like JFK, Martin Luther, MLK Jr, or Malcolm X, that man will need to be eliminated to retain the status quo.
It is said that the first responsibility of any business is to protect it's assets.
Well, 'power' (whether through debt, manipulation or violence) is the asset most coveted by the elites in any group, culture, religion or government - and the establishment businesses much protect their power at any and all costs.
 The ruling body will treat that man as though he were a Cancer and the rest of the establishment were the T-cells.
That man will force the body to adapt by becoming stronger.
But the world does not want to be stronger, better or more efficient.
The world wants to be fat, comfortable and lazy.
But it is this complacency which creates the conditions under which the disease of the freethinking man originates.
By not changing... the world creates the need for change.
But what is the first step of such an evolutionary leap?
Maybe it's through death.
This 'death of the ego' can be accomplished through fasting, prayer, meditation, sleep deprivation or the use of psychedelic drugs.
This is the desired effect of reaching Nirvana for Buddhist or Moksha for the Hindu.
This point of consciousness is the first step in seeing what is real while being able to overlook the imagined importance of worldly values.

The next step is the 'death of status'.
What would happen if one told others what he actually believed, imagined or knew?
Would many be called race-traitors, Uncle Toms, sellouts, rats or snitches?
By telling the truth, one my be committing a form of social suicide.
How many people would want to be around someone who always told the truth?

But how many would not choose to fall in line when the system dictated that he should?
How many would refuse to stand in line to accept their three sixes when the price of such a choice was death?
So get your 666 tattoo and live like everyone else.
Watch reality T.V. and the rest of our celebrity driven culture while your world crumbles around you just so long as you have friends who think and act just like you.
Don't think freely, don't act differently - doing so will just lead to your untimely (but required for mankind to evolve) death.


DF said...

Want for nothing and get everything!

First, just because the world we see seems bound for hell there are other people in other lands doing just fine. We need to get our heads out of what we see and the see the world in total. Second, the goal of all freethinkers is to create the situation for people to change. Before the Nation of Islam there were no African Americans with Arabic names. Third, there is freedom in the maze as long as you don't give the impression you want power. Right now the Pope and the Vatican own the most property in the world but they all look like they took a vow of poverty. Finally, find the sweet spot in hell to give the impression to others you are like them. Look like everyone else but keep your thoughts to yourself.

The greatest thing GOD ever created was death. So there is a constant struggle to maintain power. The nature of power creates people who want to take it from you. Lastly, those who died who threatened the system failed because they extended themselves past their original goal. There is something to be said for someone who accomplishes what they set out to and goes home. While you may seem more genius is the man who knows that next step might not be his to take.

Liam said...

its a dangerous place to be when you try to introduce a new idea to the flock.

it irks the hell out of me that a lot of the local black churches are spending so much time focused on this Illuminati craze and secret societies which may or may not be true over attacking issues that are clear and visible right in their own congregation.

most people that i encounter cannot think, see, feel, or grow beyond what they are told. change is wrong, thats drilled in our heads from elementary school on. ask a question in class that properly challenges the text book and wait for the teachers reaction.

DF said...

Well school isn't the place for challenges it's a place for learning what others want to see. It's a training exercise so thinking is not involved. None of the stuff you learn there is real world applicable so it's useless to a thinker.

The key word is Why? If a person never asks why then they will never think period. The person who asks Why is on the road and is usually a thinker. The person who asks why and comes up with a solution is dangerous! The person who asks why, comes up with a solution and starts to implement it will be killed.

This is the world we live in. Full of people who regurgitate, a small percentage who think, and a even smaller hopefully still alive group who implement change without the masses noticing.

Liam said...


couldnt agree more!

amanda said...

One of my sons thinks outside the square. This is valued by his teachers at school because he can bring alternative ideas to the attention of the other kids but it does not make it easy for him to fit in with his peers. It takes either innate courage or pigheadedness to stay on the outer in this way.

Mary Ann said...

Greetings Ugly Black John:
Some of the content in this blog post reminds me of why I found the Science of Mind Philosophy helpful in my everyday life.
I truly believe that our perceptions about ourselves and the world around us are based on our beliefs and thoughts. If we can change both we can change our circumstances.
Based off my own life experience I’ve come to see that if your thinking is in order everything else will follow. You will naturally divest from the matrix and its old world order paradigm.