Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sound Health

Some ideas are bad - others are just before their time.
In 1882, Dr. Albert Abrams developed a "Reflexaphone" to diagnose diseases using only sound.
His idea was that different diseases omit different frequencies.
In the early 1930's, Dr. Royal Rife claimed that Cancer was caused by virus-like organisms and that he could kill them by blasting them with electromagnetic waves.
Nikola Tesla claimed that he could induce violent sickness using a vibrating infrasound chair.
In the 50's, Dr. Vladimir Gavreau discovered that low frequency sound waves (caused by anything from chemicals burning, the sound of engines or even the wind) could cause people to become nauseous.
The late English engineer Vic Tandy discovered that naturally occurring and man made Extremely Low Frequency signals (Those below the common human range of hearing - 20 Hz) could induce discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision, hyperventilation, and fear.
(Which may explain why my calm baritone voice scares the ish out of my young cousins - but calms the older women on whom I check in. It seems that women are more sensitive to higher frequencies but become less so with age. The kids hear the same frequencies of a Tiger's pre-attack roar (about 18 Hz) while the older ladies are calmed my the male baritone voice.)

Aum, Amen, Amin, I Am,... whatever.
If the four attributes of 'living cells' are;
having a distinctive outer boundary,
having the ability to replicate,
having the ability to grow,
and having the ability to communicate - then the 'sound of consciousness' may be the first step in creating life.

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Liam said...

the 'sound of consciousness' may be the first step in creating life.

interesting assessment, it makes so much sense, i think im going to mention this to one of my over thinking friends to see if their heads explode.