Thursday, December 2, 2010


Didn't the founding fathers want freedom of speech for everyone? It's only detrimental when it's directed towards you.
In an age when we have more information but less knowledge - what harm will WikiLeaks actually do?
In an age when we Americans protest the censorship of the Internet in China, Iraq or Russia - why is access to WikiLeaks bad for Americans?
In a time when Obama promised more transparency in government - isn't WikiLeaks providing that?

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DF said...

Hey transparency is only good for the information they want you to know. They are going to release so many studies on ketchup that the average person won't care any longer.

What WIKILEAKS does is release the stuff that actually shows the devious plots and petty beefs between people you so called respect. To find out people are starting wars over petty beefs. It makes the so called important person seem like a Crip or Blood in LA.