Monday, December 6, 2010

Bull$#!t !!!

So if the Bush tax cuts aren't extended then small business - which employ more than 50% of American workers - owners will suffer the most.

I gotta' call bullshigidy on this one.
How are we supposed to balance the books if we cut revenue (taxes) while we increase spending (extended unemployment benefits)?
There are jobs out there, just not the jobs which will pay you just to show up - the days of make-work employment are over.
Small businesses can just restructure and make their owners highly paid (but less than $250,000k yr.) employees instead of sole-proprietors.
Adapt M-effer.


DF said...

As a small biz owner I never seen how those tax breaks help me at all. Think about it, if there is any extra money in taxes given to me I'm still not going to hire anyone. Like you said I would rather keep the money in my pocket.

Cmon UBJ you know it's a oligarchy going on here and the rich rule. This is why you have people extending benefits to people who make a quarter million. Life's a bitch not being rich!

The excess of the past 7 years are gone. I mean unemployment was like 4.3 or something when full employment is considered 5.2. The good days are gone and you're right people will have to work again. Right now in LA we have a increase in bus ridership as we return to the days I grew up in and that's we go to work to live.

Mr. Noface said...

I gotta call bullshigidy on alot of what was said about the extension of the Bush tax cuts. There is nothing new that is going to come from this, we know what to expect from this tax policy because we are currently experiencing it's effects (and have been for a while now). I wish politicians would stop pissing in our cup, calling it lemonade.