Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pop Culture

When a dumpy punk-ass-bitch can get away with calling a contestant in the Miss USA pageant a "Dumb Bitch"
(And have that contestant lose because she gives a thoughtful answer that articulates her opinion)
Even though this chubby social commentator is only "famous" for having opinions about people who are actually famous.
(IMO- Only good looking people should be able to judge other good looking people's looks.)

And a 'Crazy Bitch' like Lindsay Lohan is in need of a career boost after fighting with Brit-Brit and the real Paris Hilton for the covers of fanzines.
(All Ms Lohan needs is an arc on Desperate Housewives as the redhead character's long lost daughter)

And a real life Crazy Bitch who wants the life of a formerly thought of "Crazy Bitch" is set to receive a reality show...
I'm at a loss for hope in our current culture.


RunningMom said...

Octomom was so much prettier pre-surgery. I don't know why she did that to herself. It's really a shame.

Mr. Noface said...

Perez (or Mario, as his mama calls him) is a douche. He is to homosexuals what Flava Flav is to black folks.

Lindsay just needs to eat something (a french fry, a samich, or anything). Srsly!

I'm done with this Octo-mom business. Since when did giving birth to a crap load of babies become the new "cool"?

Freeman Press said...

Hey I tell you what I love Hustle. I don't care how it comes up you got to be amazed with how many people just keep creating stupidity for the masses to eat at the trough.

I tell you what if I thought all I needed to do to get a mil-ticket was act a damn fool I would've done it in my teens. This level of hustle requires no talent at all just keep the dummies from turning the channel.

Check out the movie Idiocracy as this is what we are heading towards!