Saturday, April 4, 2009

Again... ?

This is the guy...

This is the story...

Notice how it isn't just ghetto Blacks who seem to have lost confidence in our institutions?
Many of our problems are societal - and not endemic to one race or the other.
Again... Only Racists use race to qualify class.


RunningMom said...

I have no words for these senseless actions.

His family seems to be trying to make him out to be a decent guy, while the yahoo story seems to paint a very different picture.


Mr. Noface said...

This is the perfect example of what you were saying in your previous post about class and race. That said, these recent acts of violence are just senseless and just leaves the rest of the nation just wondering, "What the heck is going on in these United States of ours?"

Marcus said...

People have been slaughtering each other since the beginning of time.

Why is this surprising?

Why ask what is going on?

lol, same shit different day folks.