Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barack Obama Hates White People

Okay, not really. But what is different about the above photo and those below?
No, not the race of the people, nor the causes of the floods.
The difference is that those in Fargo stayed to fight on their own until Federal help could arrive.
They didn't complain about the cold - they just worked.

Those in Fargo didn't wait for someone else to tell them that it was best to assist each other, or
that race wasn't as important as safety.

Who would I help?
Well... both - because there is a need.
But who would I want to help?
Obviously those who would help me in helping them.


Siditty said...

OK you are comparing apples to oranges. A hurricane is bad, but a hurricane plus a breakdown of levies is disastrous. In terms of flooding there is a fighting chance. Plus flooding from a river isn't as detrimental is flooding from the gulf of mexico, which is one of the largest bodies of water in the world, part of an ocean. The people who stayed in NO were criticized for staying. They were called dumb for living in a city below sea level. NO isn't just a black town either. Many whites died there as well. We just focused on the black folks looting, stealing, and raping. We didn't focus on the white folks and white cops threatening to kill black folks who "encroached" upon their neighborhoods when seeking help.

Fargo is a way different scenario.

Siditty said...
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uglyblackjohn said...

@ Sidtty - NOLA was flooded by a lake (not the Gulf).
It's not bad that some people decided to stay during Katrina. What was bad was that many who stayed failed to do much to ensure their own safety.
NOLA isn't unique - how often do we hear about damage from Ike in Galveston? Or the damage done to Biloxi during Katrina? (Biloxi got the "bad" side of the storm)
IMO - It's just easier (and more popular) to blame the local government and FEMA and Bush (Who WERE inept).
The only differnces of the disasters were the responses by the "Victims".

SjP said...

Disagree with you on this one John. The disasters were very different as evidenced by the pictures you posted. Putting race aside, how could the victims of Katrina and Rita done anything to help themselves standing in waste-deep water? What could they have done? Where could they have gone?

IMO, the victims of both disasters were able to respond differently because of the nature of the disasters themselves.