Thursday, May 18, 2017

WASP Racism

The election of Trump disappointed some (C'mon Dems - did you really think Hillary was the answer?) and encouraged others.
But what did we expect - the straight white Christian male has seen his assumed influence deteriorating for decades.

Since the new millennium many have seen Blacks dominate in golf and tennis.
Many have seen Hip Hop influence their kid's tastes in music, style and culture. (C'mon milquetoast - you know you hate seeing an undereducated Black man from the ghetto earning more than you and living better while making it rain at the tittie-bar and getting all the white women.)
Many have seen Blacks in leading roles on television and in movies.
Many have been forced to listen better educated Black anchors on most non-Fox newscasts.
Many have had to compete for their well-being instead of being able to rely on the good-ole-boy network of the past.
Many have had to watch Blacks run a 'white' America.

I understand.
I HATE affirmative action programs. (In my opinion they assume that I am inferior and that I need your help in order to be and live better than you.)
I believe in a meritocratic society.
But did I vote for Trump?
Nope - I voted for myself.
You all got the President you deserve.

The thing is; I get it.
The WASP in now the victim and Trump appeals to that.
Trump is the best in everything, everything he does is bigger yet he is still the victim of the Liberal establishment's desire to see him fail.

-Trump is misogynistic - you're misogynistic and any attempt to label him as such is an attack on you.
-Trump my be racist - you're probably racist and anyone who points this out is making a personal attack on you.
-Trump took a little and turned it into a lot (Okay, we'll assume here since no one has seen a recent tax return.) and you would like to have done the same. Bootstraps people, Bootstraps.
 * And you could have too only if the government, Liberals and the media wouldn't have given preferential treatment to those pesky Blacks, immigrants, gays, women, Muslims,....
-Trump has been a victim of reverse-racism and so have you.
 * Actually, I don't believe in 'reverse-racism'. Stating it as such assumes that you are superior predicated on race and I cannot imagine that.
-Trump has been portrayed and treated so unfairly and so have you.

I understand, really I do.
The Man (Probably a Jew, right?) is holding you down.
And if it's not The Man then it must be the Jew-Controlled media.

Israel survived because it maintained its individual identity whatever the circumstances.
Israel gained strength because it was/is in a constants state of attack.
Israel could call itself "God's Chosen" because it is always surrounded by antagonistic enemies.
Trump seems to be viewing his presidency the way Israel viewed their sovereignty.

The thing the media fails to understand is that the more they bash Trump - the bigger hero he becomes.
The more they point out his flaws (whether true or fabricated) - the more they prove him correct that he is the victim.
The more they poke at the nest, the greater the retaliation will be from the hive.

IMOHO - This is a fight the media has already lost and like the DNC they are too self absorbed to even notice.

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brohammas said...

yeah but the challenge for the media is that Trump produces so much ridiculousness, such insanity, that if they ignored it they would be negligent. Truth is that Trump's coverage is so overwhelmingly negative because HE is so overwhelmingly negative.