Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gator-Mouthed Trump

 'Drain the swamp'? Nicca-please!
The swamp is your natural habitat.
The swamp - while scary and expendable to some - is a necessary ecosystem.
But I like the imagery.

The only problem with this idea is that the invasive Burmese Pythons have taken over and have become the apex-predators.
These snakes have been taking more than their fair share of the swamp's resources for years.

But this wasn't supposed to be the case.
In its natural habitat - and without the influence of outside forces - the big mouth gators are supposed to rule.
In it's natural state there is a natural balance to the ecosystem.

Gators can usually overwhelm and drag their prey to the bottom of the swamp to drown them,
but this doesn't work with the largest snakes.
These snakes can go a long time without oxygen.
These snakes just constrict the movements of the gators until he can no longer function properly.
The snakes almost always win,
and have been doing so for a while now.

But the gators can beat the large and intrusive usurper - if done correctly and with a little luck.
The gator has to do severe damage to the resilient body of the large snake without being constricted to death (not that likely) or the gator can just take a bite from the snake's head.

America's most famous swamps (The Everglades and Washington D.C..) are being overrun by these harmful predators and it will take a stronger, smarter and more skilled predator to correct these situations.

Trump's mistake is his hubris.
Trump seems to think that he can change an ecosystem that he fails to fully understand.
Trump seems to think that HE is as important as the ecosystem he has been tasked with governing.
Trump's job was never to actually drain any swamp (What alligator has the ability to do such a thing?) - Trump's job is to rid the swamp of the intrusive predatory snakes and restore balance to a valuable ecosystem.

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