Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sorry Craig

But Discus isn't working on my current tablet and I can't comment there.

Ta-Nussy Coates? Beotch-Please!
A contrived social justice comic written by a scared, feminist and atheist crybaby? Nope.

How can a non-heroic person write about heroism?
What does a fearful man know about a fearless and virtuous man?

Isn't Storm a goddess?
Sure, he may be able to write about Storm from a feminist point of view but Storm is no feminist.
Storm - being the only character to have been a member of all of Marvel's Big Three teams; The Avengers, Fantactic Four and X-Men - has no time to worry about something as trivial as feminism.
Storm just is.

And Black Panther's 'Crew'?
What are the rest of Coates' team gonna' do? Protest villains to death?

Thank the Marvel heads for understanding that a man of inaction can never understand a man (or woman) of action.

Please, take two seats.

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