Thursday, July 21, 2016

Whom Do You Fear?

 While you watch the nightly news while sitting comfortably on your couch in your air conditioned house and drinking the latest IPA on these long summer days - are you worried that some random gang member will randomly target your house to break in to rob you, beat your kids and rape your wife?

Most of the time you're not in a situation where thugs involved in gang violence have anything to do with you.
If your family and friends are of a similar socio-economic ststus, they probably have nothing to worry about either.
Your neighborhood is probably safe.
Your job is probably in a secure environment.
And most of your daily activities are probably conducted in areas where street thugs are not any real threat to you.

I know, I know - someone told you that street thugs were dangerous because they have nothing to lose.

But what of those who have everything to lose?

Do you  ever worry about those who actually have the power, influence and resources to take away your hard-earned comforts and luxuries?

Back in the day, I knew a lot of really bad people.
Some were gangsta's while many others had respectable careers.
Being present at a business meeting I warned one attendee to watch his back.
The guy immediately began to look at the street contingency.
 'No, not them. They are cray-cray because they have nothing to lose. THEM. The are evil because they have everything to lose and they will do anything to keep it.', I said.

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brohammas said...

All joking or snark aside, I have lived in neighborhoods that are legit dangerous and everyone figures it out. You know what situations and who/when something is about to go down and if you are in any trouble. More times than not, if you aren't "in it" you are fine.

Now that I live in a place that is not just safe, but very safe, I am surprised at how paranoid and scared everyone is. Everyone thinks a street thug is just moments away from breaking in the house and killing everyone.

I get tired of it.