Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Ugliest

 Back in the day, Arsenio Hall had a stand-up bit about the Boston Celtics being the ugliest team in the NBA.
I'm not really an Arsenio fan but that routine was funny.
I cannot recall the whole bit but the team members were compared to animals and Frankenstein among a whole bunch of other things that would cause one to be banned from social media sites today.
While maybe a bit mean - the routine was so funny that Charles Barkley would bring the issue up almost thirty years later.
Now there's Leslie Jones.
Apparently it's okay to make a career out of making fun of everyone else but it's not okay when people make fun of her?
This re-boot of Ghostbusters is so bad that no one is even talking about the movie but instead the media focuses on the internet trolling of one of it's cast members?

Honestly, Ms Jones is NOT a pretty woman - some may even say 'ugly'.
But that's okay - not everyone is Beyonce or Rihanna.

I'm not a fan of most female comedians so if one is not funny she should at least be appealing.
I see enough overweight and unattractive women in my day to day life - I don't need to pay (Well.. I get free movie tickets but you know what I'm saying.) to see that on the big screen with Melissa McCarthy or Leslie Jones. The roles of these two could have easily been filled by Sarah Silverman (One of my JAP crushes), Amy Schumer (The biggest I'd go), Mindy Kaling (stereotypical Indian scientist casting), Aisha Tyler (If they needed a six-footer who is Black), Chelsea Peretti (I'm crushing on her as well) or an unknown like Marina Franklin.

Is calling Ms Jones 'ugly' being racist?
No, it may be mean but it's definitely not racist to prefer good looking women.

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brohammas said...

naw, not racist... unless you start listing racial things as part of what make her ugly. Which is where it normally goes.

I find it very telling that the leader of juvenile meanness and nastiness is a Brietbart editor.