Saturday, July 23, 2016

Serena Williams - The White Nerd's Ultimate Fantasy?

J-Lo/Kim K/Beyonce - Pick one, they are almost interchangeable. But if these women are too 'ethnic' for you there is always...

Coco Austin.
If we are talking about one's phenotype all Coco is lacking is a bit of melanin and she could easily be interchanged with the women above.

But nerds don't like the thick athletic body type.
Or do they?
Nerds create comic books and draw their idealized versions of The Perfect Woman.

Even Wonder Woman is thicker with more ass than the television version portrayed by Linda Carter.

The other nerd fantasy realm is that of video games.

From an Aesir deity to an Asian Kung Fu warrior to an otherworldly assassin - the sylphid phenotype doesn't seem to be the ultimate nerd fantasy.

Who nerds really fantasize about when they are able to create their Perfect Woman seems to be..

Serena Williams.
(Even if they won't admit it.)

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