Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Was Yahweh Just a Boy?

Ridley Scott's Exodus portrays God as an immature, jealous, spiteful accident prone and emotional being.
If the universe is just 13bn years old and God is going to live for all eternity - how old would he be if he were human?
Is God still learning HOW to be GOD?


CNu said...

Gawd was forced to create the universe in order to lawfully resist the resist
the effects of the merciless heropass
(Time) “So listen attentively and try to assimilate these ideas into yourself.

“Our Creator was compelled to create the Universe for the following reason:

“When nothing else as yet was in the World, in the whole of the Universe, only the Sun-Absolute existed, and there on this Sun-Absolute, Our Almighty God existed with only His Cherubim and Seraphim.

“Our Endlessness, Almighty God, once observed that the Sun-Absolute, itself, on which He existed was, owing to Time, diminishing gradually but perceptibly in volume, and He decided immediately to review all the Laws maintaining the existence of the Sun-Absolute.

“In the course of this search, He discovered that the cause of the diminuation of the Sun is the Heropass, that is to say, Time, which gradually diminished the substance of every force.

uglyblackjohn said...

Dang, Craig.. I KNEW this would lead back to Gurdjieff...