Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brotha's In the Bible Loved Them Some Sista's

 Solomon probably hooked-up with the Queen of Sheba - The Song of Solomon was probably written about her.
But why does Hollywood seem to have a tough time showing characters from the Bible as anything other than 'white'

I just watched the most recent rendition of the tale of Moses. While kind-of boring, what really caught my eye was that Zipporah was once again European.
Okay, I'll give you that Cleopatra was more than likely more European than African - being a descendant of the Ptolemies and all. 
But can't we get some color in a historical or Biblical story?

I mean, in something other than the animated form?

Why not cast Zoe Saldonna?

While she seems reluctant to claim that she is Black (Similar to Vin Deisel doing so in order to play the largest variety of parts.)
The current Black box office queen's highest grossing movies are those in which her 'race' is questionable.

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