Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Don't Understand 'Popularity'

To be honest with you - 'Popularity' is for suckers.
My club is doing well (maybe even TOO well).
I get free stuff all the time. The thing is, when some people see that other people give me free ish, these people seem to want to give me whatever it is that they have to offer.
I don't even keep or use the stuff being given.
Most of the time I just give it to my patrons at the club.
But this creates another problem. Those who receive these gifts often turn around and give me more and better gifts in return - which I dole out to other customers.

I rarely have the chance to use tickets - so I give away more tickets than Ticket Master.
If the timing is right and I actually have the time to show up at an event - I try to sit as far out of the way a as possible. But this seems to make the hosts of the events upset. I guess center table and/or front row people are supposed to sit with center table/front row people. By my choosing to sit out of the way (I do this because most of the time I will have to leave early) I have been told that I am being 'uppity' by whites and that I am 'acting funny' by Blacks.

By not trying to a part of the 'in group' (I have children to mentor and elderly ladies to check on) I seem to be creating a more 'in-in group'.


brohammas said...

I don't really have that problem. Most people ask me for free stuff rather than give me free stuff... "Hey will you paint me this or draw me that?"

Now bartering. I'm all about bartering.

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah, I get that too. I KNOW I've done more free labor than I have paid labor.