Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seek Out Your Own Salvation

What's the big deal about a man expressing his religious views... In a Church Service...?


Desertflower said...

Happy New Year John! Thing is he slso expressed his personal views on national TV. And said a bunch of ridiculoue stuff. So now hes under the lupa!

Research data said...

HE quotes from Romans 1- a Biblical condemnation of homosexuality, AND many other things- the adulterer gets no special exemption. His problem is that he is not papering over the case with politically correct platitudes.

Anonymous said...

this is a old post, but the man was speaking his mind in church [and speaking his religion really], and he stood by his guns. in the end he won and is still on tv...good for him! gay folks have a agenda and thats fine but dont expect the world to accept it lock stock and barrel.