Tuesday, December 3, 2013

King of Clubs

The thing about owning a nightclub is that everyone assumes that one always knows what's up.
Because we deal with self-important, drunk people - we always end up knowing what's up.
People love to talk about themselves - whether it's good or bad.

A well-funded rival club owner came in recently (at the behest of his new white-knight partner) in an attempt to imitate my practice of supporting other clubs and businesses.
Apparently, while hosting a benefit - we gave away more money in one night than their club made in a month.

Most clubs owners open nightclubs as a vanity project, as means to make themselves important in one way or another. Many sleep with their customers and/or employees. Many get drunk and party with their guests. Most of these lose money.
The thing that many club owners fail to understand is that the guest is important - we are not.

My club caters to a thirty-and-over crowd. Most of my patrons are fairly well established. (Although we do get our share of the ratchet among the ratchet.)
The club seems to be the place where other business owners, politicians and those with titles come to let loose. I see all the trysts, I hear all the back door deals and I seem to get the real scoop on subjects before they hit the news.
I serve my guests.

Yet I understand that what I hear I cannot repeat and what I see I cannot mention.
Sometimes I feel more the Merovingian from the Matrix movies than I do a regular old bartender.
It seems that every week I am asked to pose for the local newspapers or magazines, do a photo-op with someone running for office or getting shouts-out from radio personalities.
The attention others seem to be seeking seems to be that which only causes trouble in my life.

We have been doing quite well...
In fact, we have been doing so well that other clubs have; called the Fire Marshall, sent in hired goons to start fights, called the Health Department (even though we don't even sell food.) and any number of things in an effort to keep our business from growing.

We have done so well that other club owners call me on my off nights to bring an entourage in to their clubs in an effort to grow their business.
I show up but I don't take the free entry, free drinks or the dinners being sent over.
I pay for my guests to get into the clubs, buy my guests' drinks, and pay for any food ordered.
But while patrons seem to admire that fact that I am spending money at other clubs - other clubs owners grow to resent the act.

It's odd - by making myself the least and running from status - I seem to be gaining more and more status.
A recent newspaper article quoted me referring to myself as being the 'janitor' of the club. This reference brought in more praise from customers than anything else I spoke of.
Many of my nights are now sponsored by others wishing to be affiliated with us.
(It's odd... People now pay me money so that they can come into the club to spend money?)
By thinking of others and putting them first - I seem to draw more people to me who are willing to do things the way I want them to be done.
I don't accept favors for myself - I use them to help others. (Which in turn creates even more people who feel as though they owe me a favor.)

I still hate running nightclubs - I just seem to be good at it.


Desertflower said...

Face it John, you have a blast running that club :D

Otherwise you wouldn't be so good at it!

Tom said...


I've been in exile from electrical engineering, my real field, for most of the past ten years. A couple weeks ago I dug into it to get ready for a possible consulting job. WHAM, suddenly I was working 12 hours at a stretch, skipping lunch, happy as a clam. It wasn't cutting edge stuff or officially "interesting" in any way. It's just what I do.

I've been sort of on the run from that though. Because the way EE is practiced in the real world, that is like something from CNu's apocalyptic worldview, 80% of resources go into powering clown cars full of pontificating idiots who can't make a school project work right given $5M and two years.

But the wires and the optical fibers themselves? That's my native environment.

I dunno.

Tom said...

I guess it's just hard for me to believe, in my little world, that anyone really hates something he's that good at. That sucks.

Research data said...

You have discovered one of the secrets of happiness- serving others. Its not only nuns or saints that get to do that. It can be done at some level by yes, the local bartender.