Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Someone seems to think that "faith" is a four-letter word.
It seems that every example I post is dismissed as being something other than this 'f-word'.

While The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey is a bit too new to have the appropriate clips on YouTube - the referenced scene can easily be found.

There is a scene in the movie wherein the protagonists must fight their way through an almost hell-like environment while being pursued by greater numbers.
The heroes run, fight, fall and eventually escape in the nick of time.
The heroes kept moving forward even though there was no visible expectation for their success.

If this scene were used as a metaphor for 'faith' - would these be considered to be exhibiting the dreaded  'f'-word'?

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Desertflower said...

Faith to me is believing that there is something that will help make happen what you want or need. As in faith in a higher power.

It's also the belief that you will make it to that place, thing,action,you aspire to. By your own strengths and actions. As in faith in yourself.

Usually a combination of both I would say.

So I would say that yes, the scenes could be used as examples.