Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I LIke Ike

I'm sick of wimps,
Of yes-men,
Of charlatans,
Of puppets, and of liars.
Give me a humble man who went to church, played football, went to college and served his country.
Give me a POTUS who has been to war and understands it's consequences.
Give me a POTUS who is against a strong Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.
I voted for Obama... TWICE.
Was it a mistake? I'm not sure.
The first time around, McCain seemed like a good guy yet I could just not fathom to see Sarah Palin in any leadership role at the national level whatsoever.
"Besides", I thought, "Obama couldn't be any worse than Bush".
And I was right in this thinking - he has proven to be just as bad.
The second time around I was more torn.
Romney was an outside-insider.
His religion and wealth could have provided a buffer from the influence peddled by those in the DC establishment.
When the SHTF - Mormons will be uniquely positioned for survival.
But as many others chose to do - I decided to give the brotha' (Obama) another chance to prove himself.
The paradigm remains the same.
Sure, this movie is more than a decade old but the truths (and lies) remain the same.


John Kurman said...

Ike would have used nuclear weapons in Korea. We tend to forget that. It was not even ten years since the last use, and it wasn't considered that big of a deal. Fortunately, Uncle Joe kicked the bucket.

As obscene as our military budget is, it has been going down, from 37.8% of GDP in 1944, to 15% in Korea (1953), 9% in Vietnam (1968) to less than 5% of GDP today. Thing is, we aren't a citizen's army anymore, and the people that go, sure we pay them lip service, but their marginalized. With no skin in the game, it is a recipe for permanent war.

Truman got a paint job, and so did Ike. But honestly, he screwed the pooch with the U2 incident. The Soviet people, and Krushscev, were desperate for peace, and we wouldn't let them have it.

But I'll say this, at least he didn't us all killed.

uglyblackjohn said...

I like Ike. Sure, I hear all the stories from the time from my uncles wounded in Korea about it being a police action. I know that the US was getting 'jumped in' into being one of the 'Big Boys' on the block. But I just like that Ike (as well as McCain) had actually been in a fight.

CNu said...

The first thing to say about Ike is that he was from Kansas - every other attribute simply follows/flows from that fact.

I'll second John K's observation about an army of conscripts. The way it was done in WW-II and beyond - was the single most crucial piece of American social engineering of the 20th century.

Obviously it didn't end well in the late 60's/early 70's.

American warsocialism - ushered in to engineer America out of the Great Depression - is the root cause of permanent warmaking.

Civilian opposition to the warsocialist deep state, will get your head blown off. That's why we haven't had a commander in chief since Ike, and, why we've gotten a string of progressively less competent "narrators in chief" since the warsocialists shot Kennedy.

Val said...

McCain would have won had he not put that idiot former Governor of Alaska on his ticket. But, I guess he's already figured that out.