Monday, September 16, 2013

An Average Beauty

 Blame this on Obama as well...
It's funny that some are upset that a woman of Indian descent has been crowned as the 2014 Miss America.
Racist comments and the side-eye....?
Welcome to the current world, ya'll.
 Tall, blond and busty are great...
The taller and bustier the better - as far as I'm concerned.
 Yet it seems that a bit more melanin, curves and booty are the flavors of the day.
As America wakes up to an Indian (Not 'Indian' as in Native American - now that would be progress.) beauty as their representative to the world - some are not comfortable with the change.
The thing is - Miss New York is the average of all things thought to be attractive in this day and age.
Is she a light-skinned Black, Is she Hispanic, Is she of Southern-European descent... Is she an Arab terrorist's daughter?
The phenotypic traits displayed by the new Miss America are pretty much what it would look like if we took those thought to be the best looking across all races and ethnicities and combined them into a single individual.
Nina Davuluri is that average.


CNu said...

Her name is even curvy and phoine...,

Val said...

I thought it was so funny how stupid the racist were who were whining about her winning on twitter. They thought she was everything under the sun but Indian.

Tom said...

Yeah, time marches on, what the heck. She's beautiful.

Tom said...

Getting at your lead sentence, I think this does have something to do with Obama. At least both are signs of some degree of change.

It means something -- not everything & not nothing at all -- that McCain and Romney were both sent home and a guy who looks black has his hand on the nuclear button. That's not only political correctness, or momentary idealism there. Sure, those things, but it means something more significant as well. It means something that so many dumb blondes got sent home in favor of a premed with Indian ancestry. (And it means more than just the pageant itself trying to become relevant again ... and as you say relevance itself has changed.)

I'm a child of the 1970s, ok. But I think there are still two sides, the side that says values are more important than incidentals ... and the side that reverses that equation.

CNu said...

What it means is that there are many billions in the BRIC block and that a decision has been taken to extend the anglosphere by persuasion and dopamine hegemony rather than by naked force and clumsy fraud.

Iran has had Russian nuclear weapons for a while as well as the means to deliver them. A brown narrator in chief, a brown Miss America, and a Syrian stand down are all sure signs that the banksters have run amok for as long as they're able and have finally run up against a wall compelling them to resort to alternative measures.

Brohammas said...

No one cares about Ms. America other than news directors, once a year.

Reggie said...

I think she's beautiful.