Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Are You Helping HER ?

A kid I am tutoring asked when I pulled over to assist a lady who was struggling to change her flat tire on the side of the road.
"You don't even know her.", he said.
"She didn't even pay us." the kid said as we drove away after having changed the lady's tire.
"Dude, I help you and your mom for free and I didn't even know any of you until three months ago.", I replied.
"But that's different.", he said, "That's us.".
I guess our values and expectations are shaped by those who raise us.


DF said...

He's a kid and they're selfish. The parent has to teach them out of that. I know my mother pretty much made sure we knew that we could not only do what we want but help people on the way. I think that shaped a big chunk of why I do what I do right now.

Brohammas said...

A person in need is a PERSON in need. Good on you Uncle John.