Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The elderly ladies I check in on are doing well, the kids I tutor are doing well but the club is doing very well.
This past week I was featured in the entertainment section of our local newspaper - not just a mention but a full-page article with a huge photo.
The thing is; I hate publicity.
I think that I'm inherently shy but I aways seem to get a lot of attention.
Another problem is that I really don't care that much about the club.
I use the club in much the same way that Magic Johnson uses his television commentator gig.
The gig raises his public profile so that people are more apt use him (and his businesses) when they are seeking someone with whom to do business.
I use the club to raise my public profile so that I have relationships with people from whom I may need to elicet a favor or two.
I've gotten people out of tickets, kept them from being arrested, gotten grants for people, gotten jobs for people and just hooked people up with other people.
I still hate the club business - I just use it to get the other things I want or need.


DF said...

Too many perks to walk away from huh? It's good to see someone talking about a job as helping them to further their own personal causes. Instead of hearing people complain about a job they can't seem to manipulate to their benefit.

Reggie said...

Magic is getting fat. I thought all those dudes with AIDS got skinny?!?