Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Punk Assed Parents

Bernie Mac was right when he described many parents from this current generation as being "Punk Assed Parents".

Like I always say, 'I hate nightclubs - I'm just good at them.'.
The saddest thing about these clubs is that I often see parents at them while their children are home alone.
I see husbands with their girlfriends (instead of their wives) and vice-versa.
I see broke people spending their light bill money on drinks.
I see women who've spent their car payment on their hair and nails.
Clubs are the most depressing places on earth.
It's now summer and I've begun to tutor some bad assed kids who need these classes in order to advance to the next grade.
Many kids don't want to be in regular school - and even fewer wish to be in summer school.
Many of these kids are the worst in the lot.
The bad seeds in an otherwise good group.
These kids just didn't give a fuck.
Or so I thought...
Until I met their useless parents.
(Mostly mothers and grandmothers. Where have all the men gone?)
These hookers flirt and try to game me in front of their kids like it's acceptable adult behavior.
Most of these women know me by name and tell me that they'll be in to the club for all five nights this week. (Even though their sons and daughters are failing class after class and grade after grade.)
Many of these hookers imagine that one of the many men they bring home on any given night will be their Knight in Shining Armour, their savior or their Suga'-Daddy.
The funniest thing is... most of these useless hookers claim to be "Strong Black Women" - even though many of them list Superhead, Basketball Wives or the Real Hood Rats of the ATL as their role models.
If these bitches are any indication of those who will mentor the next generation... I've lost all hope.


Desertflower said...

Good luck with the tutoring. Nice of you to do that.

Bernie Mac, gone too soon, what a comedian, loved him. I just watched the Kings of Comedy's eulogies at his funeral. Sad...

CNu said...

death squads...,

Desertflower said...

If they don't go to your club they'll go to another's.

So maybe you should think about switching careers. Never too late you know:)

Teaching maybe?

dF said...

Welp I see it as the untalented tenth and the club brings intoxicates losers to the point they think they become winners.

A lot of people are unfit but GOD has a way of producing shine from shit. It happens all of the time but in your case you see all the shit like a cattle farmer.

Desertflower said...

@DF LOL! True though

Vanessa said...

I was a teacher in NYC. Parents are the worst enemies of their children. Most of my friends are college educated, gainfully employed and are decent citizens in that they contribute something back to society yet most of them married or single have yet to pro-create. Yet, every trifling, uneducated, ignorant hooker I see in the streets of New York has had children. For clarity purposes this problem is not relegated to only the poor. There are some well off people that are ignorant beyond all measure.