Monday, June 14, 2010

U Ain't "Grown"

If you're of an adult age and still living with your parents - you're not grown.
I walked in on a thirty year old cousin arguing with her mother because she was not afforded the freedoms generally associated with someone her age.
"I'm grown", was the response of the daughter.
"Oh hell no. You're not 'grown' until you are responsible for yourself.", I said.
"You're only 'grown' when it's your house. Until then, you're only a guest.", I finished.
As the daughter slammed the door and left the house for the home of her boyfriend - the mother reminded me that her mother lived with her.
"Yep,", I said, "your mother lives - with - you. You're 'grown'.".


KonWomyn said...

LOL, iCan relate! I live at home with my folks and we get into those 'why'd you always go out at nite' type arguments sumtymz...I might be a student, but I'm a GROWN woman, when I'm away at uni I live in a big, bad city and I can go out anytime I like, but when I go home to a small city with a tenth of the crime, city night life is 'too dangerous for girls'. I have to get my sis to tell my mother we're going out coz she's bossy like dat and I'm the sucker easily guilted into staying in. ; )

There's more to being grown than having your own place, I'm sure your cuz is mature and responsible - dat's grown to me. Sometimes family dynamics and culture forces you to stay at home - but of course in your cuz's situ is quite different bec she can slam the door and storm off to her boyfriend's. If I slammed the door, somebody wld slam me!

uglyblackjohn said...

"...somebody would slam me!"
Exactly - in your situation at your parent's house - you still ain't grown.

KonWomyn said...

LOL, even if I was married, with my own house and 6 kids and I slammed the door, I wld get slammed.

brohammas said...

Funny how I have lived on my own for years, cleaned up after myself, paid my own bills, got up for work... but one day at home and I turn into a 16 year old slacking slob. Its like some evil spell.

Val said...

I wish I could move back home. I def would.

Reggie said...

I left home at 18 and haven't been back yet. I say yet, because tomorrow is another day. Of course, that's been 27 years ago. I can only hope mine don't come back home permanently. But if they had to..........

I'll bet that bed in the picture smells like feet.