Friday, May 29, 2009

Sativex And The False Notion Of Better Living Through Science

What's wrong with an altered version of Cannabis?
Nothing, according to GW Pharmaceuticals - a British company pushing for legalization of their marijuana derived oromycosal spray.

But why bother buying the fake stuff when one can just grow and smoke their own?
Q; But why does one have to smoke weed to get the medicinal benefits?
A; Taking a pill orally is not possible when one is inclined to nausea.
(I guess shoving a pill up one's rectum would work, but... .)

But is man's preoccupation with making the perfect solution "better" always wise?
Chewing a willow bark would relieve pain, reduce swelling and prevent clots.
Taking an Aspirin does the same - but also causes gastrointestinal ulcers, stomach bleeding and tinnitus.

It's the altered delivery system and purity of product that causes the problems.
It's just another example of a 'solution' causing a bigger problem.
Like petro-chemical rich fertilizers on our crops.
The new "improved" fertilizers burn through the nutrients in soil.
The way to remedy this is by creating another product to amend the nutrient strapped soil.
But this further dilutes the soil - and inevitably, the quality of our food supply.
The natural solution of cow manure or the resting of the fields was deemed too contrary to maximizing profits.
Now farmers must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on farm equipment to produce inferior food products while acquiring an ever growing mountain of debt.
How is this "better"?

Or our reliance on steroids and antibiotics in our food production.
Sure the chickens and cows are bigger - but are they as good for us as the meat products of old?
Are we building a resistance to microbes that our bodies used to fight on their own?

And now we are told to wash our hands with anti-bacterial soaps to prevent Swine Flu.
But aren't all soaps already inherently anti-bacterial?
Are we also killing the good bacteria, microbes or germs? (Leaving us susceptible to illness from previously harmless - and possibly beneficial - germs.)
And in doing so (like most of what we call "progress") - has our 'solution' really caused an even bigger problem?
Have you read the warning labels on medicines?
Sometimes the illness seems a better alternative than the cure.


RunningMom said...

You are absolutely right! Before insulin they used to treat diabetes with a diet high in (good)fat and protein and low in carbohydrate. Now diabetics can just control their irrational eating habits with insulin. There was a really good article in Men's Health about this awhile back.

Some drugs are necessary, many are not.

I make sure I buy free-range, organic, unprocessed and local as much as possible. I've been thinking about starting a garden.... But you still have to worry about the soil, rain and pollution...

brohammas said...

Its a bit of a chicken/egg cycle. I'm glad I don't have to seal with yellow fever, mumps, typhoid, measles, rubella, and all sorts of things that used to kill thousands. Do the vaccines cause autism?
(now that subject gets heated).

FreeMan said...

I'm glad you said the delivery system because realistically that's all they are doing in the world right now to make money. So from the 8 track to the MP3, from Virgin megastore to the Istore and now from marijuana to the Afrin now with THC!

We are dealing with money influencing our own treatment. Instead of creating something more effective that will cure it they have developed a subscription so you will always pay until you die. You plant food and strip the minerals then you have to put minerals back instead of rotating your crops and letting the soil rest. You make bigger chickens to get 1 and 1/2 chickens and thus make more money with less.

We are watching what capitalism does when it's part of everything in a society. Decisions as morbid of where to bury your family are money decisions. This is not the society that uses common sense it has substituted that for business sense a long time ago.