Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gay Is NOT The New Black

Q: Why are so many Black preachers speaking out against support for Same-Sex marriage?
A: The imagery is wrong.

Even though some of these same preachers are are the biggest hoes in town - Gay is still taboo.
My next door neighbors likes to brag about being a former Deacon at his church... but in the next breath, he likes to brag that his wife permits him to receive one blow-job a month from a hooker because she won't do it.
Then he tells me that it's even okay for a guy to give him one. (I don't speak to the guy anymore - I think he was trying to hit on me.)

Black is still seen as something fierce,
something strong,
something to be feared.
Black is not seen by Blacks as Gay.

Smart and Black is seen as something less than desirable.

Gay and Black is something to be hidden. (Or something to kill one's self over.)

Feminine and Black is just wrong...
Unless you're Prince.
So why do so many Black preachers speak out against an issue that won't effect their congregation as much as one like extra-marital sex?
(And with a "friendly" choir director to boot?)
Because most Blacks are conservative in their values.
Because many still see themselves as those African warriors - not as Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds.


FreeMan said...

Preachers speak against it because they don't have anything else to do. I agree most of us are conservative so you don't have to tell us about not being gay. To be Honest most people think the preachers are gay anyway. Maybe they are speaking out against it so you never investigate if they are.

I heard TD Jakes used to be gay, hezekiah walker and even Puffy. Now I don't even care about these cats but people have been telling me this for at least 10 years.

Citizen Ojo said...

I disagree. I don't think that all black preachers preach against homosexuality because they don't have anything else to do. For alot of christians it is a serious issue. Their beliefs are based off scripture. Although we need to be mindful that both sides of the debate make notable points.

D.J. said...

For the record, there is no such thing as "Use to be gay". You can't pray it away like a sin, you cant exorcise it like a demon and you cant wash it away like dirt. It is just how you mind Works. I would like to believe that if i never touched another man it would not change the fact that LL, Michael Beach, and Heavy D ( yes Heavy D) still make me have dirty thoughts.

I also find it interesting that people choose to throw some scripture up in one's face to prove a point but they completley ignore other scriptures. For example isint there some scripture about not working on Sunday? then every minister that gets paid for getting in the pulpit and preaching is working on sunday and thereby breaking sed scripture.

Just thoughts people! ( Yes Heavy D) Oh and John yeah you should ignore the neighbor, he was trying to gauge you interest in some man on man time.

Remember Heavy D

RunningMom said...

Heavy D? Really? LOL

D.J. said...

Something about those big country red boys!