Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Why Trump Won #37

What's the first thing one does when she gets her disaster relief money?
Why... buy some bundles of course.
At $230 a set (Although if your friends are boosters one could get them for less.)

And no - I'm not talking about bundles of roofing shingles.
(As though the dependant hoodrats actually have any real responsibilities.)

My club's facebook newsfeed is filled with people who are boasting about how they're going to be 'lit' for the weekend.
(Which is fine for me, personally, in the club business)
Meanwhile, homeowners are being denied assistance from federal agencies and their insurance companies? In

If we constantly cater to the poor we will constantly create more poor people.

Even when given the opportunity to make good honest money - some niggas just don't know how to act.

Meanwhile, photos of more looters are being spread around social media.

And people are getting hundreds of dollars added to their EBT cards.

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