Monday, January 4, 2016

BLM v. Y'all Qaeda v. BLM v. ?

Okay, in these politically correct, racially charged, religiously free and terrorist fearing times - who are we supposed to be fighting against again?

Are we in favor of the rule of law and mandatory sentencing?
Are we still in favor of racial profiling and stereotypes?
Are we in favor of non-violent protests?
Are we in favor of the Rights to Bear Arms, to Peaceably Assemble, to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion?
Have we settled on a definition of what constitutes 'Terrorism'?
Are we in favor of government overreach?
Have the Patriot Act, military drones, undertrained and overarmed police departments, NSA wiretapping and/or Great Walls protected us?
Did Obama create this societal confusion?

As recent news coverage has focused and refocused on trending events - exactly WHO is our greatest enemy?

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