Monday, January 18, 2016

Attempted Racism

While on another blog I pointed out that I have never been the victim of any real racism - only attempted racism.
But how does attempted racism occur?
Easy. It's when one's racist intentions have no negative impact on your life.

As an example;
I have a friend who was denied the purchase of a loft in a planned upscale development.
What did my homeboy do? Well he bought the whole kit and caboodl.
Now his financially stretched racist neighbors have to see him when he's in town as the owner of their development.

But this isn't as bad as my cousin and his experience.
My cousin (an avid golfer) wished to build a new home on the golf course in an all-white subdivision.
My cousin bought land and began to build his new dream home.
Upon seeing that my cousin was Black the HOA got together and bought his unfinished house for twice as much as it's potential worth.
My cousin then built and even bigger house in the same neighborhood with the additional money.
But the HOA sued my cousin,
and lost.
My cousin again sold his new bigger home to the HOA for even more money  and he agreed to not build another home in the same development.
My cousin bought the vacant land at the entrance to the development and built his new home on a much bigger lot all paid for by the racist HOA through his settlement with the group.
Now my cousin has a huge home and lots land paid for by the same people who wished to discriminate against him.
Their attempt at racism is met with the sight of a home bigger than theirs and land more valuable than theirs whenever they leave home.


brohammas said...

Those are great stories that illustrate the stupidity of racism.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of how I would've ended "A Raisin in the Sun." Poiter's character tells his friends how white folks will pay big money to keep black families away. The dumbass white middle class never quite catch on to the black folks that seem happy to be turned away from those pristine neighborhoods. If sheep want to be fleeced, they should be relieved of their wool periodically.