Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Identifying as a Victim Creates MORE Victims.

I hate Single Women's Ministries.
Why? Because they seem to encourage women to stay single and dependent upon the Pastor - the bitter, divorced and single group leader - and the church.
If a woman wants to be trained in being a good wife - wouldn't it make more sense for her to inquire of the married members of the church?

It seems that Black churches are the most predatory in these teachings.
A single mother seems more impressed with and loyal to her pastor's sweet soothing words than she would be with a prospective husband's practical advice.
A single mother would fall for the whole, 'Name It and Claim It' misinterpretation of Biblical teachings and remain broke in doing so.
A single mother would rather listen to the 'You DESERVE the best' sermon instead of the 'YOU be your best (and the rest will fall into place)' sermon.
A single congregation will post photos and sayings on Facebook about their 'favor/blessings/destiny' but not be living a life which is in alignment with receiving such things.
A single mother could more easily be duped into tithing beyond what is right because her pastor puts on an entertaining show rather than teaches The Word.

But why would. Pastor do this?
'Money, status and power', come to mind.
How many of these Pimp Preachers would have what they have or be who they are if their whole congregation was actually Biblically literate and informed?
How many followers would these pastors have if they taught the words of Christ dealing with being virtuous beyond ones circumstances?

Like those who trade in racial tension, divisive politics, and/or 'Special Status' for persecuted LGBTs, etc...
These people NEED people to identify as victims in order for their 'leaders' to stay in power.

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