Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Little Dirt Doesn't Hurt

The bitch-assed-nigga who shot on-air former co-workers was a sissified punk.
Apparently the boy had been picked-on during his tenure at the same station.

By the time one becomes an adult one should be able to handle rejection.
By the time one becomes an adult he should be able to just move on and learn to stop identifying and dwelling upon his particular form of 'victimhood'.

Being different is what makes people great.
NOT fitting in is what sets people apart from the ordinary and mundane.
Being able to overcome setbacks is what makes ones successes even more satisfying.

But I just don't get this whole high-self-esteem/pampered/participation trophy/coddled generation.
When we'd get into a fight - we'd win or lose.
If we weren't good enough to make the team - we'd get cut (there was no such thing as a 'B' team).
When we messed up - we got our little bad asses whooped.
When we got teased - we had to learn to take or tell jokes.
When we went outside to play - we got dirty.
It was this exposure to dirt which built up our immune systems which helped us fight of illness later in life.
Maybe all these wanna-be-bad grown assed boys just needed to get a little bit dirty earlier in life.


John Kurman said...

Can you imagine what my Cro-Magnon ancestors would think of me?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they'd think but I don't think you're going around killing people for being teased. Everyone has been teased, everyone has enemies, no one fits in everywhere. If ones life is half-bad/half-good, why do some people cling to the bad half? Why do so many cling to their particular form of being the victim? UBJ

CNu said...

The picked the wrooooong sissy to fuck with!!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't care about him being gay - I just don't get how so many people become so soft.
I think that's why people like Trump - he seems to be saying what others are thinking.
Man, I've taken an 'L' before and chances are that I'll take some more.
I've been loved for doing bad and hated for doing well/good. Who gives a shit.
if was going to go off he should have handled it there and then. -UBJ

brohammas said...

It is never justifiable to become what you are fighting against.