Thursday, July 16, 2015

Now THAT'S Just Too Far

Wednesday night at the club is karaoke night - the best bad singing in town.
Last night was sponsored by a new liquor brand, catered by a local chef and we were given tickets to give away for an upcoming Jazz Festival.
Usually we show sports on our television screens and last night was the night of the ESPYs.
Debate about some winners, admiration for many winners but disgust for one winner.
'John, please change this ish.', said many patrons in the club.
'It's just too much. A Gay Pride festival (held in this small town last month), gay marriage and now THIS? It's just too much.', was the conversation around the bar.
It was karaoke night.... We had a few groups of gay and lesbian couples in the club - and no one cared.
But Bruce Jenner winning an ESPY for becoming Caytlyn was just too much for this usually tolerant group to accept.
I guess people have limits as to what they will accept and it seems that giving awards for being gay/transgender is where the level of acceptance ends.

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