Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is Ed In Angola?

Because this brotha' is getting raped over at 'Beyond Black&White',
And this is the video that started it all.
Apparently Ed didn't like the young ladies' poetry - nor their looks.
And it was calling these ladies 'ugly' that stirred the hornets' nest filled with bitter Black women.
(I wanted to comment and ask questions but I was advised by the woman looking over my shoulder to stay out of it.)

One of the comments said that Ed better look like The Rock if he was bold enough to write a whole post about women's looks.
''The Rock'? I think she meant 'A Rock', the woman reading over my shoulder said after seeing Ed's photo.
'That little black maggot...', she continued.

In my business, I deal with a lot of women.
In all honesty, my blogging name is kind of a joke - I get a lot of women. (Looks are subjective but I do a'ight.)
But even I wouldn't be bold enough to call average looking women 'ugly' - and then to link to their website?

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