Sunday, October 6, 2013

I HATE 'Black' Blogs.

Maybe there is a place for them,
But I don't see it.

Sure, I read blogs written by Black people - my blog roll is filled with them.
Yet, I cannot see the purpose of reading disinformation or misinformation, self-aggrandizement or myths that just perpetuate useless memes.
I have no interest in debating with racists and I have even less interest in reading about the complaints of those who fail to even make an effort in mastering the system.
I don't imagine that everything good was created by one race or another, just as I cannot imagine that everyone from any given race is inherently bad or good.
I don't classify Black people on a gradient (Although the comment, "Octoroon, Please.", was and still is a classic.) - I'm sick of people who say that Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Charles Drew, etc. are 'not REALLY Black'.
I don't consider "Good Times" any more real of a Black experience than I do "The Cosby Show".
I'm sick of single mothers stating the fact as though it is a Medal of Honor. They are NOT special. In fact, they are the norm - almost seventy percent of Black families are headed by single mothers.
I KNOW racism exists. EVERYONE (except racists and the foolish) knows racism exists. But really, is racism the only unifying factor within the Black community?

I like blogs written by Black people - although, not exclusively.
Provide information which will make me think - which stirs curiosity and challenges me to do my own research.
Write about universals.
Write about unique experiences.
Keep it simple. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to be a pedant.
Keep it complex. Most people within certain circles are smart - there is no reason to dumb down ones thoughts.
Write about life. We all have our own to live and we can all learn from others.
Write about death. None of us knows for sure what comes after but I'm pretty sure most of us have given it some thought.
Be an expert in something (science, philosophy, finance, history, art, ...) other than your race alone.

My bottom line is this;
There is nothing as boring and banal as one who has nothing to offer ( or proffer) besides outcomes  vaticinated on race alone.


Desertflower said...

I agree with this to a point. I do think exactly like you that we all have to 'work it out within the system' as we all try to do.

I agree that we all share universal experiences with the corresponding universal emotions, reactions, and actions.

Of course in a world filled with what I like to call "mans barbarism to man" as well as all the 'other' complications that factor into our existence. There will always also be a post or two, or three, or four, or more! Ranting about our hurt feelings. And rightfully so!

Then there are the purely political blogs that are established and branded as primarily political.

Those def have a place, but I do agree they do get heavy :)

So thank the Gid for diversified blogs where we can just share day to day living huh :D

I enjoy those a lot!

Desertflower said...

Ooops, *Thank God*

Val said...

"But really, is racism the only unifying factor within the Black community?"

Interesting question. But, I would pose that question replacing Black folks with White. And, what do you think the answer would be?

Reggie said...