Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Class Warfare

Do I believe in the current popular complaint from those who 'have not' - that of an ongoing class warfare being directed by 'The Elites'?
Sure I do - it's supposed to be that way.
No, not in the Atlas Shrugged sense, but I do not believe that everyone should be equal.
I believe in equal opportunity yet I do not believe that everyone will be nor should be equal.

If one desires to reside in the comforts of the Consumer Classes, then he cannot complain about his lot in life.
If ones goal in life is to have the newest and biggest of everything, then he will make himself a slave to his debt.
If his life has become mundane, banal and meaningless, then that choice was his own.
If one pursues the best uses of his talent, if one makes the effort, takes the risks and he puts his money (talent, status, gifts, blessings, whatever...) where his mouth is, then he deserves his good fortune and he owes it to himself to accept such blessings with thanksgiving and humility.

In all honesty... I'm not ballin'. I'm just doing a'ight.
I'm blessed to be a blessing to others.
Simple people will never understand why I give so much away.
They will never understand that money is not my motivation.
Sure, my recent benefit at the club and subsequent donation buys me a seat at the charity's Christmas Gala - but that is not why I host so many fundraisers.
My goal is not to become a highly honored member of the Consumer Classes.
My goal is to become and remain a member of the Creator Class.


brohammas said...

Though I think it unlikely, or unfairly difficult, for one who begins in the 'have not' category to move up and out without a combination of both education and the opportunity that comes with social capital or 'networks".

IMO we should rail against the isolationism both groups are sustaining, as it robs one group of opportunity and the other of humanity.

Val said...

Not being a blind consumer is totally un-American. We're trained from birth to spend, spend and spend some more. In the last 10 years or so I've become much more judicious about what I spend my money on.

Desertflower said...

a commendable goal! By the creator class I assume you mean the 'movers and shakers'? Thats the brain power.I like it ;)

Reggie said...

I'm not ballin', I'm just doing ai'ight too.....but I love life.

Your goal is a commendable one.