Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JK As Fashion ?

Women and their shoes...
I take a lot of pictures of shoes for the club and any woman who happens to be wearing a pair which she feels is especially nice or interesting stops me to take a photo of hers and post the picture on our facebook page.
JK does castings in metals and glass.
If JK could create interesting heals for high-end designers...?


John Kurman said...

Sure'n a heck of lot bigger market thats for sure. I am researching, and since we have a fashion design department here a the college, that's seems a first place to start.

CNu said...

I hollar'd at one of my mentors down in Tampa yesterday with access to a $2 Million economic development grant. While he was on about the next Facebook (like who needs another virtual shitbag?) I was extolling the genius of identifying a need for sculpting and casting high fashion accoutrement.

Sounds like something that could be scaled and employee a few people once it gets off the ground.

Desertflower said...

I don't know how women walk in those! Well they don't actually 'walk'. They mince along like the geisha's of olden time.