Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Collins Twins

 Honestly, I care more about the sexuality of these Collins twins more than I would ever care about the sexuality...
...of either of these Collins twins.

I've been a Collins fan for a while.
I followed their careers from their winning CIF in high school at Harvard-Westlake in L.A. to their success at Stanford.
Being away from home, I root for any SoCal native to do well in anything.

But sports is a strange world in which participants often imagine themselves as being 'warriors' or 'gladiators' - where masculinity is thought to be requisite.
(Although I'm sure, if all things were known, some teams could be a modern day Sacred Band of Thebes.)

It seems that even in female athletics that the most dominant players are often the most 'manly'.

But back to the issue with Jason Collins...
So the dude is gay and playing professional sports - the male interaction in most sports is pretty much 'prison-gay' anyway.
Locker room horseplay is more about the domination of another male than it is anything else - even the games themselves revolve around a man (or a group of men) dominating other men in some sort of physical manner.
Guys often call their teammates, 'my bitch' or 'my ho' as a term of fraternal endearment.
Jokes about ones penis or the penises of others are often the talk of the day.
Men dress in color-coordinated matching outfits for games and shower together after them.
The close bonds formed between most athletes could be seen as getting pretty close to the crossing the line into homosexuality.

 The recent gang rape cases involving athletes is just about as gay as it gets.
In fact, what could be more gay than using a drunken woman as ones frot toy?

(Dude, you're just using the woman as a barrier for you to engage in a sexual act - with... another... man.
You're gay !!!)
The fact that these cases are excused as being part of a team sporting culture just reinforces the gay-ness of many guys involved in sports.

 So back again to Jason Collins...
I prefer these Collins twins.


Desertflower said...

I can see the demarcation of the butt implants on the top picture.

I agree, I don't care either! Who goes around 'coming out' as heterosexual?

Ones sexuality has nothing to do with the kind of human being that one is.

I believe nobody cares what one does with whom in the sack. Just as nobody cares what one eats or anything else that is or should be a private matter in life.

It matters naught. People around you know anyway.

Val said...

" The recent gang rape cases involving athletes is just about as gay as it gets."

No, that's as heterosexual as you can get. Gay people nor gayness had anything to do with that rape.

Desertflower said...

True Val!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val. Rapist are rapists - given. I just don't see how guys can use a woman as their toy just so that they can engage in a sexual act that involves another man. If those dudes could go one after another - they would probably hook up with each other if no one found out. These guys are just repressing their homosexual tendencies and using the woman as a more socially acceptable frot toy. I remember the Locker Room Games we played back in high school after practices and many of them were on the verge of penis parties. If you're a guy and you enjoy watching another dude having sex - you're gay (you just don't know it).

Reggie said...

One things for sure John, those are some very sexy sisters.