Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes

Forget Hooked on Phonics or Your Baby Can Read - a good comic strip is much more engaging than either of them could ever be.

When I was a kid, The Silver Surfer was my comic book of choice but as I got older I'd look forward to reading the daily strips in our local news paper featuring a kid and his imaginary tiger.
For over a decade this energetic kid and his sardonic tiger would keep me laughing just for the sake of enjoyment.
Some would say that 'smart' people read Doonesbury - but I'd counter that 'geniuses' read Calvin and Hobbes.
I don't know what it was about this bad-assed kid but even today I'll spend a part of an evening reading the old Bill Watterson crafted panels.

I used to wish for an animated version of the strip yet in ones mind is a better place for these characters to reside.
The mind fills in gaps which could never be translated to film or video.
The mind creates voices to which one can relate and understand.
Calvin's mind is where these characters (along with Susie Derkins, I'm assuming) go in a recently released 'film teaser'.

In the trailer, Calvin wants to grow up but his imagination won't let him.
Jaded and weary parents, revenge-seeking snowmen, monsters lurking under his bed, Dinosaurs and other and familiar manifestations all seem to make an appearance in this fake trailer.

One odd image in the short film struck me as odd.
It showed a seemingly 'crucified' Hobbes being tormented in the depths of the earth.
Hobbes was Calvin's best friend and protector...
Are angels just manifestations of fearful humans created to comfort us when we're alone?


Reggie said...

Man I used to love me some Calvin and Hobbes!!!

I read that strip daily for years and years.........yeah, back when people actually read the newspaper in the morning.

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