Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Saddest City

Happiest US Cities (University of Vermont Computation Story Lab);
1) Napa, Calif.
2) Idaho Falls, Idaho
3) Longmont,Colo.
4) Mission Viejo, Calif.
5) Simi Valley, Calif.
6) Santa Rosa, Calif.
7) Santa Cruz, Calif.
8) Lafayette, Colo.
9) Asheville, N.C.
10) Boulder, Colo.

Most Miserable US Cities (Forbes Magazine);
1) Detroit, Mich.
2) Flint, Mich.
3) Rockford, Ill.
4) Chicago, Ill.
5) Modesto, Calif.
6) Vellejo, Calif.
7) Warren, Mich.
8) Stockton, Calif.
9) Lake County, Ill.
10) New York, N.Y.

Saddest US Cities (University of Vermont Computation Story Lab):
1) Beaumont, Texas
2) Albany, Ga.
3) Texas City, Texas
4) Shreveport, La.
5) Monroe, La.
6) Flint, Mich.
8) Battle Creek, Mich.
9) Lima, Ohio
10) Houma, La.

(* Hey, at least we're not Flint, Michigan - both "miserable" and "sad".)


Val said...

There has been a mistake! I've been to Santa Rosa California and it is not the 7th happiest city in the country. It's not even the 7th happiest city in California.

CNu said...

I wonder how these square up with those?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val - I don't know but I think Craig noticed a trend that I was about to make my next post.

Reggie said...

Detroit and Flint, why am I not surprised to see them on the list?!?