Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life; LIVE ?

Orwell missed a step.
But that's okay - he could not have known that social media would become pervasive in modern society.
There is no need for Big Brother to keep records of our daily comings and goings - most people record every moment of their being for the world to see.

Most people put their bidness out there as though they have something worth sharing.
It seems that everyone imagines himself as some sort of philosopher, guru or celebrity.
I remember the days of AOL's chat rooms. Sure, most used the technology of the time to try to hook-up - but others used the medium as a means to trade ideas.
MySpace and YouTube and facebook allowed users to create best-case-avatars of themselves.
(Cell phone technologies allowed people to access these services from anywhere at any time.)
Twitter and Instagram allowed for even more real-time posts from people who imagined that mundane tasks and experiences were worthy of broadcast.
(Blogging doesn't really count in this case because of the time requirement in creating fully formed ideas, doing ones homework and waiting for refined and thought out responses.)
But why wait to broadcast ones everyday life from a PC or a telephone when a set of these puppies would allow one to listen music, make and receive phone calls, text, play games, Google-search, watch television and movies, well... pretty much anything without having to ever come in contact with another human?


DPizz said...

Disagree with one of your points. Blogging - same vain shit (potentially) as the social mediums, as you demonstrate on a somewhat regular basis in this blog; not that there's anything wrong with that, that's kind of the foundation of the whole "social" space.

DPizz said...

meant to say "same as the other social mediums"

uglyblackjohn said...

Okay.. Point taken. Yet I've learned more on some blogs (Say... Subrealism or DeeVee's spot) than I could ever have learned in school. The back-and-forth in the comments section is where the real action is.

Blogger said...

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