Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NO Reason To Change

 Why better ones life if (short term) fame and fortune can be gained by being less than perfect?
"Redneckcognize"? Honey Boo Boo became a crowd favorite because she was a bit more plump than the other little hooker look-a-likes on the child beauty pageant circuit.
If being a dumb fat redneck made her family famous - why be anything else?

 Some are up in arms that a man would get a reality show because he has a bunch of baby-mamas.
Not this guy...
This guy.
It seems that Shawty Lo is set to take one of the pillars of ghetto status (having a bunch of hoes as baby-mamas) to the next level.
Not only is this foolishness being televised but it is being monetised as well.
Get paid to sew your seed?
I can just see some from the next generation thinking that this Nigga' has it all; fame, money, hoes, and a television show to boot.


Anonymous said...

I've never wanted to comment on these programs till now. Perhaps because it's a topic that has deep seated memories of one of my great grandmas sufferings as a Middle Eastern woman in a culture where (unofficially now, but legal until not too long ago)a man could have several wives and families. Harems if you will.

It is really a sad situation at it's core for any woman, and I don't see how it can be glorified by any race, creed or color.

But...ce la vie

Reggie said...

Pink was an appropriate color, they both look like pigs.

DF said...

Freedom means different things to different people. For Shawty Lo it's the freedom to be exploited and publicly humiliated for a dollar amount. The freedom to sell out!